How to Increase Conversion Rates

You’ve developed your business. Your posting on social media platforms and your regularly posting blogs. The next step for many business owners is increasing their conversion rates. What exactly is a conversion rate? It’s the percentage of people who followed steps that you laid out for them to do. The average conversion rate is 2.4% depending on the industry.

Now let’s get into some strategies you can use to help boost your conversion rates!

Social Media

Social media really has proven to be a free, invaluable tool. No doubt you’re already using it. You might need to rethink exactly how you’re using social media though. Social media has become much more than just posting. If you don’t have a developed digital marketing strategy, you definitely should!

When coming up with content, you need to be thinking after your posts go live. Curate content that converts! How do you do that? First and foremost, you need to build up your following through quality content. In our email list building blog, we talked in great detail about creating excellent content. We recommend visiting that blog to get some inspiration for different types of content you can start implementing.

Keep in mind, different social media platforms have a specific audience. Some like quick, snappy content and others prefer long form content. Know your audience for whatever platform you use.

Capturing Email Addresses

Now that we mentioned your content must be cream of the crop, each individual post should have a strong Call to Action. Think of this as guiding your readers to a certain action you want them to take. For example, you can have your instagram post lead take your readers to your blog, your blog to an eBook where they exchange their email addresses for your content.

Gated content is the best way to build an email list. Still, when you create a piece of long form content (such as a MasterClass or eBook) don’t just advertise it once and then forget about it! Instead, advertise it in a way that doesn’t irritate your followers. If you use Instagram or Facebook, for example, use videos, reels, and carousels that promote your content. Remember, take advantage of each social media platforms unique voice in your marketing strategy.

Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Use videos. Videos such as reels and stories have a higher conversion rate compared to single photo posts. When creating promotional content, take advantage of videos. If it’s not within your budget to create videos from scratch, you can use copyright-free content on websites like Unsplash and Pexels.

Take advantage of carousels. On instagram, carousels will go on top of your followers feed with a different photo featured. This system does the heavy lifting for you as you don’t need to constantly advertise your content.

“Link in bio” is dead. It’s not clear if this phrase is being penalized by social media (especially Instagram) algorithm or if it’s falling out of popularity. Either way, some have reported less engagement and reach by using that phrasing. So you may need to get a bit more creative with your CTA’s.

Next, to see what your followers are responding to, you need to take a deep dive into your analytics. Your analytics are key to your social media’s success. You can use this to see what specific content your followers are engaging with. Are carousels getting more engagement? Reels? Use this information to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

Creating content your followers (and potential followers) will love is a bit of an art. So feel free to experiment. Don’t waste your time buying followers. This doesn’t increase your engagement or conversion rates. So don’t be discouraged thinking you need a large following to increase your conversion rate.

The expression “Content is king” really is true. Pour your focus on creating content that sells. There’s no way around it, you can’t skip on content. Great content leads to even greater success.


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