A Brand-New Business in Your Brand-New City

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If you’re starting a new business and have concluded that you’ll need to relocate to make it successful, then you’ll need a two-pronged approach to get going. The first prong is the new home, and the second is the new business.

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Here are some ideas on ways to make your new business move a success.

Choosing the Right Home

If you’re relocating to a larger city because of better opportunities for investment, or just more people to frequent your new business, make sure it’s a place you actually want to live, too.

It might make more sense to search for a rental home first until you’re sure the area you’re in is the right one for your business and your family. By doing a search of rental homes ahead of time, you’ll be able to narrow it down to things like neighborhood, bed and bath size, and price range first before you get there and start physically looking.

You’ll also want to take the cost of living into consideration, and you can get an estimate of what to expect with a cost of living calculator. If you can start your business in a lower-cost area and still have access to all the things you’ll need, it will leave you more money to invest in your new business.

If you’re going to buy a home, your real estate agent can be your most valuable resource. They’ll know the neighborhoods that have the lifestyle amenities that are important to you and your family and what areas would work best for your type of business.

First Business Steps

Your first visit to your new city should be to the courthouse to get your business permit and license, then to the local Chamber of Commerce. Your city’s chamber will have the best information about the local business community. Working with other businesses through a Chamber of Commerce can give your small business a big boost and a great introduction to your new city.

Network as much as possible, attending every business and community benefit function that you can. Create your own business card using an online template and print them yourself at home, making enough to hand out to everyone you meet. That way, you can even customize it to fit the event you’re attending with promo codes or special offers.

Rather than hire full-time employees to start, you can outsource a lot of business tasks to freelancers. You can use sites like Upwork, where you can filter through candidates based on reviews, job success rates, and other pertinent criteria. LinkedIn is another well-established job and employee search site. Or network on your social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Online Tools as an Office Partner

Creating your own website with a web builder is possible and even free in some cases. The site builder you choose will depend upon whether your website will be used primarily for promotions or if you’ll also want to have the opportunity to sell your products online.

Facebook marketing tools are excellent to help you market on the largest social media site in the world. Some are free, but to be really effective, you’ll probably have to choose an upgraded plan that will have a monthly or annual fee.

A PDF merging tool will allow you to keep all your important digitized documents in one file. Keeping your important files organized in one place means you’ll spend less time searching for the document you need.

Moving to a new city and creating a new business there can be exciting, life-altering, and a little bit scary. But finding the right home to buy or rent in an area where you can see yourself being happy is the best first step to feeling at home. Then using smart business practices and tools and getting to know your new business community means you have all the chance in the world to succeed with a thriving business in your new city.


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