6 Ways to Grow Your Business Instagram

There’s no reason why an entrepreneur shouldn’t be using social media to grow their brand awareness and outreach. How businesses grow on social media platforms is always evolving as companies seek ways to better enhance their algorithms. What worked a year ago may not have the same impact today.

This four part series will cover how to grow your brand's awareness on platforms like:

  1. Instagram

  2. Facebook

  3. Twitter

  4. Linkedin

Let’s start with Instagram. In our blog, 8 Tips for Writing Successful Copy for Social, Blogs, and Articles, we talked about how instagram’s audience really love to hear stories so each post should be crafted with storytelling in mind.

Instagram also has the largest characters compared to similar platforms like Facebook and Twitter of around 150 (or more!) characters.

To delve deeper, we’re gonna talk about how you can optimize your account to reap the greatest results.

Change Your Instagram to a Business Account

Instagram marketing is a great way to reach and expand your audience and potential customer base. You can start by converting your account to a business one. How do you do that?

  1. Go to your settings

  2. Click ‘Account’

  3. Click ‘Switch to Professional Account’

  4. Click ‘Continue’

  5. Select a category for your business and click ‘Done’

If you need additional help, go to Instagram's official Help Center for more information.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio should tell new visitors who you are, what you do, and how your brand or business helps them as well as a Call to Action. Here’s what our official bio looks like for some ideas:

Marketing Agency that helps women-led businesses thrive

👉🏽 Copywriting

👉🏽 SMM

👉🏽 Virtual Assistance

👉🏽 Email Marketing

click the link below!

We tell you who we are and who we help and then list some of our services. We end it with a CTA.

Pro Tip: Use keywords in your name. This is separate from your username. Whatever your business, sum it up with the most relatable keywords in your niche. That way, when people search for those keywords, your profile could potentially appear in the search results.

All in all, keep your instagram’s bio succinct, leaving no mystery in the reader's mind what your brand is about.

Use Hashtags Thoughtfully

Never use hashtags that you or your team have not thoroughly researched to be sure your brand or business wants to be associated with. Whether you’re using 5 or 30, each tag should be carefully combed through when attaching your brand to it.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. Still, you want to be sure you’re using them in a way that grows your audience. Experiment with hashtags. See what’s working for others in your niche.

Copywriting for Instagram

When curating captions, draw attention in the first few lines. You have a short period of time to capture the reader's attention, so do so compellingly. You can achieve this by asking questions or using emojis.

It’s a bit of trial and error, but with time, you’ll get the hang of it.

Instagram’s Stories

Instagram stories are growing in popularity. The Stories feature allows your post to stay active for the first 24hrs of posting it. You can also bookmark your stories under the description if you would like them to be seen by visitors.

Many brands utilize it to promote their business. Some common post ideas can be:

  1. Tips

  2. About Us

  3. Testimonials

Use a Scheduling Tool for Social Media

They’re many third party scheduling tools for social media. Here’s our quick roundup:

  1. Socialpilot: This tool lets you post on an array of different platforms ranging from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

  1. Buffer: Another good alternative. This scheduler has the added bonus of allowing you to schedule on Wordpress with its Google Chrome Extensions, allowing for more flexibility.

  1. Co-Schedule: A bit tricker to get an understanding of, Co-Schedule is a content calendar that allows you to not only post on popular social media platforms, but also schedule posts for blogs on Wordpress and Hubspot.

  1. Zoho Social: This scheduler is designed with small businesses in mind. It analyzes your social media interactions and suggests the best times to post for greater engagement.

Use these tools to upload and post regularly. A regular uploading schedule can help your instagram thrive. Like water to a plant. For brands, upload 2-3x daily.

However, the ultimate goal is to upload consistently so do what works best for you.

What do you think of these tips? Which ones are you most likely to try? Tell us below!


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