Are You Implementing These 5 Content Strategies for Your Social Media?

Social media is a powerful gift for marketers and business owners alike. Its potential is tantalizing, but are you maximizing it's reach to grow your business?

With 4.2 billion people using social media as of 2022, there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t have a content strategy plan.

You might wonder, though, what exactly is a content strategy plan? In short, it’s a roadmap to what you want to achieve with social media and methods you will use to meet your end goal.

Having a well thought out strategy lets you know if your business is on the right trajectory for success.

Some goals could include:

  1. Increase traffic to website

  2. Convert more sales

  3. Increase brand awareness

  4. Build social media following

  5. Increase engagement

You wrote down your goals, now you need to make sure they align with the SMART goals objectives.

What Are SMART Goals?

SMART is an acronym for:

  1. Specific - A detail-oriented plan that explains how you will meet your goal(s).

  2. Measurable - Easily trackable progress.

  3. Achievable - Your goal provides a challenge that can realistically be met.

  4. Relevant - Is attainable through your team and meets business needs.

  5. Time-bound - A deadline to stay focused on your goal(s).

Having SMART goals allows you to zero in on important business needs that you want to tackle first. The goal will adapt or change over time, but this strategy is universal in the marketing world.

What Platforms Are Your Target Audience On?

This is important to know so you know what social media platforms you should invest more time into. For example, a younger demographic is likely to use Instagram and TikTok. While a slightly older demographic might use LinkedIn or Facebook.

Instagram and Facebook have trackable analytics for brands so you can see who’s clicking and engaging with your content.

Google Analytics is another wonderful tool to install on your website if you haven’t done so already. This information is invaluable and paints a profile of your audience.

Once you know who your audience is, you can adjust content creation that specifically targets your demographic.

Create Irresistible Content

Now that you know your audience, curate posts that will drive clicks and boost engagement. Each post created for social media should fall into one of these four categories:

  1. Promote - Share with your audience any sales, photos or videos of your product.

  2. Educate - Share testimonials of your products or services.

  3. Inspire - Share an uplifting story, quotes, or your business’ journey.

  4. Entertain - Share behind-the-scenes photos or videos, memes, or create a survey.

Use these four main themes as inspiration when brainstorming posts for social media.

Have a Content Calendar

A content calendar helps manage the distribution of your social media content on various platforms as well as know what kind of content will be posted on which day during the week.

An additional benefit of a content calendar is that it helps with consistency and organization as well as track the progress of your marketing efforts and metrics.

Regularly Evaluate Goals

Remember, the point of setting goals is to measure and track progress. Use the analytics that social media provides to see what posts are getting the most reach, conversions, and engagement and modify your content accordingly.


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