4 Ways to Get more Traffic to Your Website

Building traffic and generating leads to your website can be a bit tricky. Still, it’s doable with some effort and planning. We outlined four strategies you can start implementing to organically grow traffic to your website and in turn build your consumer base.

Create a Blog

The easiest way to increase traffic is to regularly post blogs. Studies show that businesses that post blogs get more traffic to their websites by a whopping 55%. The key to blog and article writing is to produce skimmable, easily digestible content that your audience can take in.

When writing a blog, you want to bring fresh, new ideas to the table with a unique outlook and voice that make you stand out from the crowd.

Also, you want to use SEO, or Search Engine Optimization to organically increase traffic.

Which leads us to our second tip.

Optimize Your Website and Blogs for SEO

Search Engine Optimization increases traffic by ensuring that your website appears on search engines. If you’re not optimizing your website with SEO, you’re missing out on free advertising.

Though creating smart and strategic SEO takes some time to get a handle on, with a bit of forethought, it’s doable.

Some SEO tools you can start using include Moz, ahrefs, and semrush.

Pro Tip: When applying SEO for your blog or website, avoid keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is when you jam a website or blog with too many keywords that do not flow naturally or organically in writing.

Writing and utilizing SEO requires planning, researching, and staying on top of the latest trends as search engines regularly change their criteria for how to rank on their platforms.

On Page and Off Page SEO

While we’re on the topic of SEO, there’s two types of SEO you need to be aware of: that’s both on page and off page SEO.

On page SEO are the keywords you put directly on your website's page or blog. It’s what visitors see and read when they click on your page.

Off page SEO are keywords that appear in the meta description and title on search engines. This is what they see before clicking on your website.

Make sure you are utilizing both when outlining an SEO strategy.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile and Browser

Most visitors today use mobile devices when searching online. So you need to be sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. Also, while you’re at it, optimize your website for various browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. If your site isn’t optimized, visitors will quickly leave your website. This is the opposite of what you want.

Start Backlinking

By backlinking websites with high domain authority, you increase your own domain authority. The more links you have from credible websites, the higher you rank in traffic. You can also reach out to these websites and offer to write as a guest blogger and link to your own website or blog or create such engaging, informative content that other websites can’t refuse to link to your blog or website.


These are just a few ways to naturally increase your website traffic.

Tell us how you plan to increase traffic to your website or blog!


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