10 Secrets of Happy People

This blog is my list of the 10 secrets of happy people. It may differ from your list and that is OK! We all have our own perspectives of happiness and this is just a reference for you to utilize in your own personal goals of obtaining happiness in your life! Do you have at least 10 things carved out that make us humans happy? If not, why not create a list as a starting point and make each one count towards your personal happiness goals?

People may seem happy but looks can be deceiving. So what makes a person truly happy deep down?

Happy with Joy

Did you know happiness and joy mean two different things? Yes, they are similar but uniquely different!

  1. Happy people love themselves inside and out.

  2. Happy people do not let others' opinions impact their internal or external happiness. They take criticism with a grain of salt and use it as feedback where they see fit.

  3. Happy folks don't dwell on the past. I will REPEAT that... happy people do not dwell on the past. It is totally ok to have fond memories but dwelling means sulking in past events that are usually counterproductive to our happiness.

  4. Happy individuals accept their flaws as their perfectly imperfect human nature that makes them unique and special.

  5. Happy people love to give and find joy in helping others and expect absolutely nothing in return.

  6. Unhappy people think of the negative first and foremost but happy people think of the positive and have a growth mindset.

  7. Happy folks tend to be more self-confident because they are secure with their status in life and are self-sufficient.

  8. Happy people tend to have a spiritual need met. That could be by religion or another belief that helps them have a moral compass and do things according to the ethical system of right and wrong. In short, they have a healthy conscience.

  9. Happy individuals have a self-care regimen. They take care of their emotional and physical needs equally and do not hesitate to take time out to reassess situations that may be detrimental to their overall health.

  10. Lastly, happy people tend to speak their minds and stand up for themselves in a healthy and respectable way. They tend to be more tactful with their words and know how to communicate effectively because they are intended with their inner-self and have a self-talk dynamic that they know what they want and when they want it.

There are so many more ways to identify a happy person but this is just the start. Let's continue to explore the happiness of humans by embarking on a journey thru my workshop the Joy Factor!


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